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Pakistan, a land of living contrasts – a confluence of centuries old cultures and civilizations – where mountains meet – deserts expand and Un- spoiled natural beauty is for you to explore.

For nature lovers, its northern region offers abundance of spectacular sheer scenic beauty with beseeching valleys that shine fruit laden orchards, flower filled slopes, meandering rivers and unspoiled paradise, holding an aura of peace and tranquility for the visitors.

Pakistan a must see destination has been the cradle of a civilization that dates back more than five millennium. Over the centuries, through successive waves of migrations from the north-west, as well as by internal migrations across the subcontinent, Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, and Mughals came and settled in this region.

Muslims from the earliest days, built cities, forts, palaces, mosques, madrassas (religious schools), tombs and mausoleums which are marked by simplicity and grandeur, with open spaces and abundance of light in accordance with the Islamic concept of man’s direct and open relationship with the Creator. Pakistan inherits immense treasure of culture, and has every reason to be proud of the thousands of year’s old and rich civilization and tradition of its arts and crafts. Pakistani craftsmen are well reputed in producing quality products in clay, stone, fabrics, carpets, wood, metal, jewelry and leather.

Predominantly Muslims, the people of Pakistan are culturally homogeneous. Other religious groups include the Christians, Buddhist, Hindus and Parsees. All belong to a composite racial stock although the majority belongs to an Aryan extraction. While Urdu, the national language, is spoken throughout Pakistan, English is extensively used in official and commercial circles, and in the cities. The regional languages are Sindhi in Sindh, Balochi in Balochistan, Punjabi in Punjab and Pushto in the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP).

Avantgarde Travels (Private) Limited, is a full service Tour Operator and Travel agent in Pakistan. Our experienced teams of travel professionals can provide you with a complete service that takes care of our travelers from the moment a trip is initiated to beyond their return. The service that you will experience is highly personalized with great attention to the smallest details and being an independent agent we work with no bias, are flexible and accord priority to the customers’ requirements at all times.

Avantgarde Holidays suggest you few tours programs for the enchanting valleys of Pakistan based on its past experience. However, looking at your time schedule and interest, a tailor made program can also be designed to any destination of your interest.

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