Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. Formerly a Dutch colony (1638–1710) and a French colony (1715–1810), Mauritius became a British colonial possession in 1810 and remained so until 1968, the year in which it attained independence this make Mauritians, a pot pourie of diverse cultural where French, Indian, Creole and Chinese peoples, are living together.

Along with the other Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is known for its varied flora and fauna, with many species endemic to the island. Here traveller will get opportunities to spot rare birds species among soaring ebony trees. With long hiking trails proposes visitors an ideal place to be carried away by its set of panoramic views of the island’s landscape, including vistas, gorges, peaks and waterfalls.

Famous for its sapphire-blue waters, powder-white beaches and, yes, luxury resorts that provide a front-row seat onto some of the most beautiful views in the Indian Ocean. Your stay here will live long in the memory and will have you dreaming of a return. Partly that’s because of the supreme levels of comfort and luxury. But it’s also thanks to the resorts’ discretion and warmth, and the unmistakable sense of being treated like royalty.

Basic Information

Official Name: Republic of Mauritius
Capital City: Port Louis
Time Zone UTC+04:00


The Mauritius currency is Mauritian Rupee (Rs).


Mauritius is a small, multi-cultural island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, Northeast of Reunion and southeast of the Seychelles


The Mauritian population is multilingual; while Mauritian Creole is the mother tongue of most Mauritians, most people are also fluent in English and French, they tend to switch languages according to the situation


Mauritius has tropical climate and can be visited throughout the year. May to December: The month of May marks the beginning of winter in Mauritius. These months are considered as the best time to visit Mauritius as the weather is mild and pleasant. January to April: January marks the onset of summers in Mauritius, minus the tourist crowd. a great time to explore the island and its beaches and other attractions

Major Religions

Hinduism is the major religion at 51.9%, followed by Christianity (31.4%), Islam (15.3%) and Buddhism (0.4%). Those of other religions accounted for 0.2% of the population, and 0.7% reported themselves as non-religious

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