A country where the cities meet sea

A country of boundless beaches, roaring cascade, green jungles and metropolitan cities, Brazil is an intoxicating mix of big, bold and beautiful enduringly one of the world’s favorite destination. Brazil is one of the largest countries on the planet, from jungle of Amazon to pre historical cities, the unbeatable natural spectacle of Iguacu falls to magnificent jungle-clad mountains that rise from the oceans and blend in to the beautiful Copacabana beach, be it is the scenic valleys or the world of soccer Brazil contains an awesome array of treasures to discover.

Undoubtedly Brazilians are the most pleasure seekers people whether it is Rio carnival or dizzying avalanches of art museum, culture centers, and nightlife in Sao Paulo’s or find the best-known musical and dance outlets in Samba or you can take life easy and let Brazil come to you by lying in a hammock on an Amazonian ferry looking out for the occasional mascaw or browsing the backstreet if colonial towns such as Ouro Preto and Paraty which are lined with architectural monuments and chic boutique hotels. Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured, Brazil has it.

Basic Information

Official Name: Federative Republic of Brazil
Capital City: Brasília


The Brazilian real is the official currency of Brazil. It is subdivided into 100 centavos.


Brazil occupies a large area along the eastern coast of South America and includes much of the continent’s interior, sharing land borders with Uruguay to the south; Argentina and Paraguay to the southwest; Bolivia and Peru to the west; Colombia to the northwest; and Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and France to the north. It shares a border with every South American country except Ecuador and Chile.


The official language of Brazil is Portuguese


Brazil is something all year around destination with temperature rarely dip below 20 degree, apart from mountain and southern region. The Climate varies from hot and dry in the arid to humid and sticky in the tropical rain forest of the Amazon jungles. The best time to visit coastal Brazil is during March to November. In winters it can get cold in south region with temperature drops to 0 degree.

Major Religions

Brazil has the largest number of Catholics in the world. Roman Catholicism has been Brazil’s main religion since the beginning of the 16th century

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