For sheer diversity, Turkey is hard to beat.  The country is best measured in multitudes of people, natural landscapes and cultures. It is a land of vast spaces and massive mountains ranges, fertile valleys and rugged coastlines and sleepy villages, seaside resorts and remote beaches.

Countless waves of invasion, rebellion and immigration have forged a country whose cultural depth and breadth may surprise visitors as they venture not just through major cities but across the country. Turkey offers you one of the world’s greatest cities and scenery from white-sand beaches to soaring mountains. From the ancient port city of Ephesus (Efes) to the Byzantine dome of Aya Sofya, the Mediterranean coast is marked by well-preserved Greco-Roman cities. Epicenter of Ottoman Empire this country has cultural and religious influences over the centuries. Be it experience the lasting legacy of Ottoman Empire by visiting Topkai Palace or explore the hidden gems of Cappadocia- home to cave churches, it is hard to beat sheer diversity of Turkey. This country is pot pourie of diverse culture, people and natural landscapes. It is a land of vast open spaces and huge mountain ranges, lush valleys and rugged coastlines, metropolitan cities and sleeping villages, spas and pristine beaches leave visitors nothing but a fervent desire to return..

Basic Information

Official Name: Republic of Turkey
Capital City: Ankara
Time Zones: UTC +2, summer +3


The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey. The Turkish lira is subdivided into 100 kuruş.


Turkey borders the Black Sea, Georgia and Armenia to the northeast, Iran to the east, Iraq to the southeast, Syria and the Mediterranean to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west and Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest.


The official language of Turkey is Turkish


For Istanbul and the oldest and medieval attractions, and for active hiking holidays, the best times to visit are spring (April-May) and autumn (October-early November) when the days are usually warm and sunny but not uncomfortably hot. The best months for a sun and sea holiday on the Aegean or Mediterranean coast are June to the end of September. The tourist areas are more crowded from June to the end of August.

Major Religions

98 percent of the population are Muslims. Turkey is the only Muslim country in the world that has no state religion,

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