Altit Fort – Hunza’s Emblem of Heritage

Altit Fort is an ancient fort in the heart of Hunza valley which is almost 1200 years old. The fort was built by the Mirs of Hunza and serves as one of the greatest architectural structures of all time. Built on top of a cliff, the fort provides a clear view of the Karakoram highway with the Hunza River flowing below, making it a strong strategic viewpoint as well.

altit fort balcony

The Altit fort has been well preserved by the Aga Khan Foundation and is open for tourists as a museum of sorts; displaying the original pieces of utensils and vessels used by the royal family a few hundred years ago. It’s fascinating to see how the royal family lived back in the days and what different items they had in possession. Similarly, their sleeping chambers as well as the infamous dungeon are all open for the public to see. If you’re interested to learn about the history of Hunza’s royal family, then the local guide would be more than happy to tell you the tale. He will captivate you with all the awestriking details and you’ll feel like as you have traveled back in time yourself! The stories you hear are some of the most interesting yet tragic and will stay with you for a long time.

altit fort museum

Coming out of the fort, you’ll witness the beauty of the Royal Gardens that is covered with cherry blossoms in spring and is a magnificent sight to see! It’ll give you an idea of the lavish lifestyle of the royal family. This famous tourist destination also has some aesthetic spots for photography along with little cafes offering Hunza’s delicacies such as the Walnut cake which is a favorite among the visitors. If you are traveling to Hunza, then Altit Fort should be on top of your list of must-see places!

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