Known as “the World’s Most Dangerous Bridge”, the Hussaini Bridge is suspended 50 feet above air with wooden planks over a stretch of 1km, connecting the Hussaini village with Zar Abad village. The village located on the other side of Hunza River is connected with the rest of the valley through this bridge. The bridge crosses over Borit Lake in Upper Hunza and provides magnificent views all around. The Passu Cones serves as a beautiful backdrop for the bridge and you can easily capture the panoramic view from dusk till dawn.   

While the bridge is unsteady and sometimes swings with the wind, it’s not as dangerous as it looks. The locals are accustomed to traveling on the bridge while carrying loads but tourists from around the world visit the Hussaini Bridge to test their courage. While most people only stand at the start of the bridge for a memorable picture, only a few actually dare to take the 400 plus steps back and forth and feel the adrenaline rush. Are you brave enough to cross the bridge?

The travelers that prove their bravery and cross the bridge, are greeted with an encouraging sign that says “Dar key agay chai hai” (There is tea ahead of fear!) Surely, that would convince a lot of people to try and cross this bridge once in their lifetime!

To reach the suspension bridge, you have to trek through a small village where the locals sell fresh juice and dry fruit to the visitors. The fruit are cultivated by the locals and the taste is like no other! You’ll hardly find anything as delicious and fresh as those juices. If you’re planning a trip to Hunza, don’t forget to visit the Hussaini bridge for some insta-worthy shots but beware, only cross the bridge at your own risk!

Picture credits: Akhtar Hassan Khan

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